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Event Decor in Irvington, Oranges, Newark & More

When you spend so much time on planning an event, don’t let yourself down with last-minute event decoration. Let QueenBiig Jo Multi Task help you make your event the most unique and unforgettable experience. Our event decorators are able to create bespoke decorations tailored to your requirements and budget. So, whether you’re organising a luxury event, a corporate party, or a kids’ party, get in touch with our team by dropping us a line on the form below.

Organized Decoration Team

Our staff really do make us proud. They have great experience in a range of events, themed nights, and parties. Their vast years experience of local suppliers & up to date knowledge, ensures that your money will go as far as possible. If you’re after a simple theme for a tight budget, that’s no problem, our experts can help. If you’re after a luxurious decoration theme, then our experts will propose a series of drafts so you can preview the decor before even setting foot in the venue.

Materials, Innovative, Current Designs

From lovely silk table runners to sparkling chandeliers, and from scented candles, Gothic / Cosplay / Adult style to novelty helium balloons, our materials and products are second to none. How do we do it? That’s easy, we have a fantastic load of local providers and craftsmen at hand. Our relationship with local craft centers means we can source the best products and decorative features at great prices. Why not use us to make some savings and also organize a beautiful, memorable event.

Trying to Sell/Buy a property

If you need help locating a property below market value, or just above, we help find them. You may be looking to buy ASAP. As in, within a few days if possible. Guess what, WE HELP WITH THOSE NEEDS. You may be looking to get rid of your property ASAP "AS IS" and willing to sell to a cash buyer within a few days..... WE FIND PLENTY OF THOSE BUYING!! Cash Buyers are welcome also. Our team young and old, are always on the move for these type things. Even in their spare time.


WE ARE KNOWN FOR OUR SPIN ON KARAOKE IN THE ESSEX COUNTY AREA!! We can have just regular Karaoke or what we call "LIVE KARAOKE." Live Karaoke is a gentleman, that plays his keyboards while the performer does one or two songs at a time to make them feel like, they are in a mini concert. Regular is just the Karaoke Jockey hosting and controlling the music. Yet, still fun. Most parties are done on a Friday, Saturday or early Sunday schedule only.


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